Sunday, November 3, 2013

Just when you thought you were safe!

One of the brave souls who responded to my challenge asked if she were limited to just one entry. No. You are perfectly free to enter as many times as you'd like - or as you dare. So, the gauntlet is tossed again.

Elizabeth Rowan Keith offers this second story for you, and as a lagniappe, a photo to relate it to. Photos aren't necessary, so if you are thinking of sending another story, don't worry about art. Just the story will do nicely. Now, read and enjoy Elizabeth's wee story of childhood wishes.

At the End of a Rainbow
©2013, Elizabeth Rowan Keith

My parents talked of a pot of gold that could be found at the end of a rainbow.  I’ve never known how hard they believed in that pot of gold, or how much they expected to find it.  For a while, I think they did wish and believe. 

Whenever a rainbow seemed near enough, they would frantically drive, their children in the back seat, to where they thought the rainbow ended.  The rainbow had always faded before we arrived.  But chase it they did, fostering excitement and hope for food, clothes, and new toys across the back seat. 

My parents would exit the car where they thought the rainbow had likely ended to look for whatever treasure might be there.  We children were set about to search our own bit of ground.

We did our best to find the treasure.  Surely we had arrived quickly enough to prevent someone else from taking first.  To not find it was so cruel.  We were failures.

Looking back, it was silly to expect for a pot of gold to be there to end our poverty.  How very much I wish our parents had, instead, taught us to enjoy the beauty of a rainbow.

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