Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Man and a Cop

Yann Bergaud has the pleasure of living in Paris. That, alone, is enough to make most people drool in envy, but Paris is unique. Oh, it has the same issues as any other place - cold winters, arrogant public officials - but still seems almost paradisiacal to so many. Yann here tells of an incident he actually witnessed that helps point out at attitude that is quintessentially French. Enjoy.

Weighted Words
©2013, Yann Bergaud

As I was strolling in Paris this morning, I saw some police officers checking the weights of trucks. Six trucks were stopped, awaiting inspection by the few officers present.
As I walked by, I heard this interchange between an officer and one of the truck drivers:
“Sir! You see the left rear axle’s weight is 1500 kg and the right is 1200 kg. With the front axle, the total weight exceeds the 3500 kg limit, so is illegal,” the officer said.
“Oh, no, officer. Not at all,” the driver responded.

“No? I don’t want to hear your excuses. There’s no discussion.”


“So, if you agree with the figures, you are breaking the law and I must fine you.”

“Bloody hell! NO!”

“What? Do you not recognize you’re breaking the law?”

“Of course not!”

“Can you tell me why?”

“Because it not my fuc**** truck!”

“What? Why didn’t you tell me that before I filled out the paperwork?”

“Because you wouldn’t let me say a single word!”

“Sir, don’t be disrespectful. I could arrest you for insulting me!”

I walked on and never knew if the officer was able to fine the driver for something “valid.”

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  1. Ha! I have no trouble imagining this. I'm afraid the French police can be quite 'thick' at times.
    Well-chosen title. I liked the exchange between the two. Made me smile.