Monday, December 10, 2012

Price Reduction

We all know that a good book is often just the perfect gift for someone. We also like to save money when we can. Retailers know this, which is why they have big sales after major holidays. The problem is that those sales happen after the holiday, which means we're able to buy gifts for next year, but we're stuck this year.

Once we buy these sale items, we must then store them away until the holiday rolls around again, which risks the gift's getting damaged or lost in the meantime. Nice for the seller as hesh can get rid of excess stock easily and still realize a profit. Not so nice for us, the buyer, when you consider the risks.

How about a sale before the holiday? How about helping customers save a bit of money this year as a token of your appreciation for their business? Well, that's what I've done with my books: put 'em on sale now, before the holiday. To show my appreciation to those who have purchased my books, I've reduced the prices on most of those books by as much as 50%. Not all of them, but some.

I'm sure business experts are shaking their heads at my ignorance of common business practices. That's okay. They are free to shake their heads as much as they like. This isn't for them or "accepted business wisdom." This is for you, my readers. This is my way of thanking you.

This isn't just another time- or quantity-limited gimmick, either, nor do you need some coupon to realize the savings. The prices won't automatically go up after some arbitrarily decided date. You can realize these savings now or anytime in the future, and they apply to everyone.

Please visit November First Publications, where you can easily link to either Smashwords or Amazon for the Kindle.

Thank you for your purchases this year and may all of you have a wonderful and joyous winter holiday.

Dave Keith

Monday, December 3, 2012

Three more from November First Publications

In my last post, I introduced Elizabeth Rowan Keith's Blood Moon, which was sort of a halloween story, as well as the first in a series of planned short stories based upon the wheel of her spiritual year. In time for winter's cruelty, cold, and isolation, Dr. Keith has written a follow-up, again featuring the point of view of the protagonist in Moon. Titled Yule at My Feet, her new book continues the story of the Woman Tree (the title's mine, by the way) as the forest deepens into winter.

I don't want to spoil her story, but the reader will find it every bit as poignant and compelling, and enlightening, as Blood Moon. Dr. Keith didn't stop with just one story for the season, though. Nope. Never one to rest on her laurels, she and her muse went on to craft a fascinating remake of a cherished tale from childhood.

Fools Rush Inn is absolutely a must read for those who are astute and appreciate subtlety. It's a fascinating tale in its own right, but Dr. Keith also leaves tantalizing clues as to the story's antique progenitor. Somewhere along the trail, the discerning reader will experience that delicious "Aha!" moment as the lights come on and they realize just exactly what they've been reading. When I read it the first time, I was captivated utterly and knew here was a tale for the ages. I think you will agree.

Finally, in this season of solitude, I offer my own tiny yarn. Mine is one of sadness and loss - as so many of my stories are, it seems - but also of hope reborn and purpose rediscovered. It's called The Road to Tucson. I hope you come away from it with the realization that, despite the "slings and arrows of bitter fortune," the Universe does sometimes give us a second chance.

To purchase any of these books, click the links at the November First Publications website, then select either the "Books" page or one of our personal pages. As always, we both ask you to then take a few minutes after reading the books to write a short review of them. We really do appreciate knowing what our readers think of our work. If you're a writer, you know all too well how helpful to our future works that can be.

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David H. Keith