Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kitty's Bad Hair Day

Welcome to week 2 of my Flash Fiction 2013 challenge entries. This week’s story is by Tracey Howard, an aspiring author from Indiana, as well as an accomplished photographer and all-around great mom. Although it's the shortest of the entries, at a mere 190 words, it conveys a charming portrait of family life that I think everyone who has children can relate to. Enjoy.


Kitty’s Bad Hair Day
©2013 by Tracey Howard 

The scampering of little feet back and forth between the office and bedroom catch my attention.
“What are you doing, young lady?”

Freezing in midstep, she sticks both hands behind her back as quickly as she can.
“Nothing, Mama!”

I catch a flash of silver in her little hand as she jumps back into high gear, slamming the door to her bedroom as she runs through.

“Don’t come in!”

Walking to the door, I rattle the handle.

“Sissy? What are you doing?  I’m coming in.”

 There’s a solid thump against the door as a little body attempts to block my entry.

“No, Mama!”

Pushing the door open,I step in to find that all appeared normal except for a very guilty-looking child.

“Okay, Kidlet.  What are you doing?”

Silently she goes to her bed and picks a pair of pinking shears out of a small pile of fur and hands them over.

 As I open my mouth to scold her, I notice the family cat walking out of the room in a high dudgeon.  It seems a reverse Mohawk haircut was NOT on her list of things to do that day!


  1. Oh my goodness, this is wonderful! And as a mum of three, one of whom had a fascination with scissors, I doubly appreciate it. Well done Tracey, and thank you David... :)

  2. Had to laugh. Like Anna I have children who betrayed themselves with their guilty behaviour but the cats were never good-natured enough to allow a haircut. Good title too. ôô

  3. My apologies for my tardiness in replying!

    Thank you so much for the great intro Dave, and to both of you Ladies for your warm comments! It made my week!